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Transaction Services

We provide bespoke and cost effective support to varied commercial transactions across sectors...

Transaction Services

Transaction Structuring & Review

We design transaction structures for Nigerian tax legal and regulatory optimality: whether acquisitions, divestitures and re-organisations. We also review transaction structures, suggesting options for improving overall efficiency. Typically, structuring advice includes identifying, analyzing and evaluating potential options before recommending preferable structures, based on outcomes of the comparative analysis of options. For high value transactions, we also advise the client to arrange for financial modeling of the options by its investment professionals or consultants. We have experience working with such multidisciplinary teams to arrive at outcomes that give projects/transactions substantial structuring benefits, over the long term. The costs and trouble associated with unraveling an inefficient structure are obviated, enabling clients concentrate on their core business.

As part of our services, we provide advisory opinions that may also include implementation road map with compliance requirements (including procedure/documentation, time and costs of the requirements). Our structuring experience touches across all the major sectors – financial services, oil and gas, power, telecommunications, IT, manufacturing and retail, real estate, logistics, agribusiness, etc.

Contract Drafting, Review and Negotiation Support

We regularly draft, review and negotiate diverse contracts for and/or with our clients. Our grasp of business issues and knowledge of peculiarities of particular transactions reflect in the quality of our deliverables and input. We also anticipate potential dispute flashpoints and draft clear and easy to understand provisions; in our experience, clarity reduces the prospect and number of contractual disputes. Our entire object under this heading is helping clients achieve their business objectives in a long term sustainable manner.

Transaction Implementation Support

We conduct corporate, individual and asset due diligence (DD) for buyers and also provide documentation support on conditions precedent and subsequent to completion. We assist in applying for regulatory approvals/permits or undertake other requisite regulatory liaison, helping to make appropriate business case about our client’s point of view and getting regulators on board. Where our client is the vendor, we help with vendor DD to identify, and smoothen out potential rough patches in readiness for sale and potentially to enhance valuation of the target.

In addition to our specialist skills and experience, we leverage our intimate knowledge of our client’s operating issues and their sectors. Our close interaction with business issues over the years, including during our Principal’s stint as General Counsel in the private equity industry cements our reputation as “business lawyers with transactional mindset”

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